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What we do to ensure you Charge Beyond

10 September 2020

Vuse Australia - What we do to ensure you Charge Beyond

Confidence in what your vaping is important.

We create products that are world class, deliver satisfaction and innovative so that you can Charge Beyond in your own style.

World-Class Expertise

While testing, independent researchers have found differences in the contents of vapour produced by different e-cigarettes. With that in mind, we put care and world-class expertise into every vape juice, every flavour and every product we make. Which means you can feel confident that choosing VUSE means choosing the very best in the world.

Serious About Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do in the design, development and manufacturing of our products. We scrutinise every detail of our products to understand potential effects – from what goes into the e Liquids to the vapour that comes out.

International Standards

We back international product standards along with other e-cigarette manufacturers, and we have contributed to the world’s first voluntary standards on e-cigarettes, created by the French Standards Institute AFNOR and the British Standards Institute.

Vaping Innovators

The quality and design of batteries and heating elements in e-cigarettes can differ widely, which affects the characteristics of the vapour. We assess and refine every element of all our devices, including the mechanics and the electronics, to create our best possible vaping experience.

Understand what goes into your vaping experience, read about who our worldwide vaping experts are and what they do at Vuse.