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What Do Nicotine Salts Mean For Vaping?

7 January 2020

Vuse Australia - What Do Nicotine Salts Mean For Vaping?

Nicotine salts are an innovation of e Liquid science – delivering a satisfying experience to vapers worldwide.

Our nicotine salts flavour range has been specially formulated with nicotine salts – but what is this key ingredient, and how does it deliver improved flavour satisfaction?

What are nicotine salts?
Nicotine occurs naturally in several varieties of plant, but is found at the highest level in the tobacco plant. It is found mainly in the leaves of the plant, where nicotine exists in a salt form protonated with a weak acid.

When nicotine is extracted from leaves, it converts to “freebase” state (not salt) – commonly found in traditional e Liquids.

Just like big pharmaceutical manufacturers of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT gums, patches, lozenges, sprays), we buy in this pharmaceutical grade nicotine for our e Liquid labs in freebase form.

To transform the freebase nicotine back to its salt form, organic acid compounds are then added back into the formulation (e.g. benzoic acid).

So, why do we use nicotine salts to create Vuse e Liquids?
Nicotine state (salt vs freebase) influences sensory perception and degree of absorption. Protonated nicotine (salt form) generally delivers a smoother throat sensation and superior satisfaction.

You can find out more about nicotine in e Liquids here.

Vuse’s flavour range
We believe this chemical reaction delivers higher satisfaction, which is why we form nicotine salts in our Vuse flavour range, all made in the UK and USA from premium ingredients.

The Vuse range has a variety of flavours and each one has been expertly crafted by our research and development team.

We hope that all made sense. The difference in a nutshell: nicotine salts = an enhanced vaping experience.

Find out more about the Vuse ePod range now.