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Vaping Facts

23 November 2019

Vuse Australia - Vaping Facts

If you are an adult smoker who has decided to start vaping, you’re likely to have a lot of questions. Don’t stress out, we’re here to help you work out what you need so that you can vape to quit. 

What do I need to buy to get set up?

You basically only need two things: a vaping device and some eLiquid or a flavour pod to put in it. The device turns the eLiquid into vapour, so you can inhale it.

At Vuse, we have the Vuse ePod which is considered a ‘closed system’ vaping device. With this device you just pop in a pre-filled flavour cartridge. Others are ‘open system’ vaping devices, which mean you pour the eLiquid into a small tank called a clearomiser. Some devices are more powerful than others and they come in all different shapes and sizes. 

Once you’ve received the ePod, you just need to pick which flavour you want to try first.

Okay, I’ve got my device and some eLiquid. What do I do now?

Charge up your device, pop in the flavour cartridge and start vaping! All our devices come partly charged straight out of the box, but we recommend giving yours a full charge.

So where can I vape?

Every council and private premise or workplace will have its own policy. Best advice is to be courteous, ask first and do your homework. 

What’s in the vapour?

Vapour is vaporised eLiquid – which basically means eLiquid turned into steam by a heating element in the vaping device called an atomiser. Vuse eLiquids are made mainly from a combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and water. Our eLiquids contain different nicotine strengths and flavourings, depending which one you choose. 

Just one more thing – a vaper I know was talking about ‘Ohms’. What’s that?

Ohms is a unit measuring electrical resistance relating to the heating coil in the atomiser. There’s a fair amount of terminology in the vaping world, so if you come across any terms you aren’t familiar with, take a look at our comprehensive Vaping Glossary.

You can also find further advice in the Vuse Beginner’s Guide To Vaping to help you vape to quit.